Benefits Of Spinach

Spinach is a type of vegetable crops that regular consumption by the people of Indonesia as a side dish accompanying rice. Benefits and dangers of spinach are certainly there are to human health, but it all goes back to how someone in enjoys vegetables and consume vegetables. If appropriate rules are definitely safe.

Benefits Of Spinach
Benefits of spinach for the body is if it is in use in the consumption of vegetables and then will generate benefits for the body. the leaves of the spinach vegetables are usually treated with a variety of cereal by the public lover of spinach. This also in vegetable consumption by all ages ranging from young children aged under 5 years old to seniors.

These vegetables are also great for healing for peoples who just recovered from illness. The main benefits of vegetable spinach are to launch the digestive system and increases the durability of the body. as well as the root part of the crop of spinach is usually used as a folk remedy for diarrheal diseases.

Benefits Of Spinach For Pregnant Women
Vegetable spinach is a kind of healthy veggies that regular consumption by pregnant women. However, there remains the benefits and dangers of spinach health of pregnant women. The following will explain why pregnant women should consume vegetable spinach. Because the vegetable is healthy and good for pregnant women as well as the fetus.

Spinach is a type of vegetable that can live anywhere in the land of the exuberance of Indonesia. The price of vegetables in the market are also very cheap. However, in addition to cheap and easy at the meet turns out spinach also has many benefits. The content of vitamins, minerals, and iron in spinach is good for health.

[1] folic acid in spinach leaves are high

Content of folic acid in spinach is high enough. As we know that folic acid is very important for pregnant women. These substances serve to assist in the formation of the neural tube during fetal growth beginning at the young age of the pregnancy.

Spinach vegetable consumption regularly on pregnant women can also prevent the occurrence of birth defects, less weight and more. If you are pregnant and a shortage of folic acid within your body will then arise of the fatigue effects, reduced appetite, gingivitis, easily forget to digestive disorders.

[2] to prevent the onset of anemia in pregnant women

In this case, the spinach is helpful to prevent the occurrence of anemia in pregnant women, why? Because the content of calcium and iron in spinach plants serve as auxiliary substances in the formation of red blood cells. So the need for blood is pregnant and needs blood to the womb are met properly.

[3] lower blood pressure

Spinach can cause blood pressure in pregnant women decreased. Because the content of nitrate in vegetable spinach is able to prevent the occurrence of increased blood pressure so that the blood pressure becomes normal. If the mother is suffering from hypertension then consume the spinach is the right choice to lower his blood pressure.

[4] Reduce pregnancy aches and gastrointestinal tract

Pregnant women typically have many complaints a complaint against one of them is the usual pain occurred in pregnancy age 4 months upwards. The pain usually occurs due to weight gain and hormonal changes the body rapidly so that the bone and the muscle feels pain.

In addition, pregnant women also experience the usual problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Ranging from constipation to diarrhea, in this case, the consumption of spinach will really help you. Because of its high fiber content in spinach will help unleash your digestive system.

To address the problem of pain in pregnant women, vegetable spinach contains anti-inflammatory agents and glycolipids are able to relieve the pain in the joints and muscles of pregnant women. Due to the growth of the fetus and weight increased.

[5] Helping the growth of organs in the fetus and improve the durability of the body of the mother.

Content of beta carotene in the pregnant mother is able to help the process of formation of internal organs in the fetus. Such as the establishment of the lung – pulmonary fetal. In addition, the content of beta carotene spinach which then in turn into vitamin A by the body of the mother, is able to make the growth of fetal body weight become would be sure when born.

The content of vitamin C in spinach was able to increase the stamina of the body so that when the body is in a healthy condition is capable of preventing the entry of radicals into the body of the mother and the fetus.

Benefits Of Spinach To Diet
Excessive weight and disproportionate certainly makes you not confident with your body shape. In addition to excessive weight can also cause a variety of health disorders. Because of this many people consume vegetable spinach for the purpose of a diet, why? The following explanation.

[1] the high content of fibers in spinach
The high fiber content in spinach is usually used by dieters to prevent hunger in a long time. It also fibers in spinach is good for waging a digestive tract.

[2] the calories in spinach is low enough

Everyone surely knows that in the diet you should reduce the number of calories that go into your body. You can do this by regular consumption of vegetable spinach. Because calories in spinach are quite low with good fiber to the diet is quite high.

[3] the content of carbohydrates in spinach

Carbs in a vegetable bowl of spinach are already sufficient carbohydrate needs you the equivalent of you eat one serving of rice. So for a diet of vegetable consumption alone was sufficient carbohydrate needs you.

[4] the spinach is rich in moisture content

In addition because of carbohydrates, fiber, and calories in spinach, spinach is also rich in moisture content. So as to prevent dehydration in the body. the body remains healthy and strong to carry out the activity.

The other side Of Spinach

Benefits and another side of spinach are indeed two things that could not be taken lightly. Spinach does have benefits that are good for the body, but also dangerous if consumption doesn't match the rules or the way presentation does not match the procedure. Danger to the health of spinach is as follows.

[1] can trigger the occurrence of kidney stones

Spinach is a kind of green vegetables that contain purine, organic compounds. If the compound in consumption in great numbers, it could lead to the formation of uric acid in the body. While if someone excess uric acid is not very good for the health of the kidneys.

High uric acid in the body can trigger the formation of kidney stones. Other than uric acid content of oxalic acid in spinach also has a role in the formation of kidney stones when joining the minerals in the body.

[2] Poisoning

Vegetable spinach is a vegetable once Cook should be directly discharged, because if the vegetable spinach consumption more than 6 hours of cooking time can cause poisoning.  In addition because of time longer, Cook spinach in the consumption of raw or undercooked also causes poisoning if its vegetation contaminated by bacteria on the feces.

Benefits and dangers of the spinach can be prevented and in a manner to avoid diet vegetable spinach is good and fit the needs of the body and how to cook and how to correct consumption. So that its benefits can be dangerous and inevitable.

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