Benefits of Kangkung (water spinach)

You love to eat water spinach? Did you know about the benefits and dangers of green vegetable that is owned by this one? Kangkung or commonly known as water spinach is one of the vegetables that are very easy to find in Indonesia. Not without reason, Kale becomes a favorite vegetable. In addition to the delicious taste and crunchy texture, kangkung also keeps a lot of benefits.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that there are some dangers that lurk if you consume kangkung is excessive. You may often hear that eating water spinach could cause drowsiness and more. Then, what are the benefits and dangers of water spinach? Let's see the explanation below.

Benefits Of water spinach
Almost all types of vegetable store benefits for the health of the body so is the water spinach. The plant is found in an area of rice fields and gardens has a fairly high content of vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin c. According to the study, 56 grams of Kale is able to meet about 70 percent of the daily vitamin C needs and 51 percent of vitamin C daily.

Not only that, but sprouts also have a nutritional form of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. You need not be concerned with the number of calories that are owned. A cup of raw sprouts or equivalent gram contains 56 calories low enough, that only about 11 calori only.

Based on the nutrient content, what are the benefits of sprouts for health? Discover the many benefits you can get when consuming vegetable sprouts on a regular basis and not excessive:

Lower the risk of chronic disease
Chronic diseases such as cancers arise due to the weak immune system. To improve and maintain the immune system, you need to fulfill the needs of vitamin C daily. Kangkung is one type of vegetable that is rich in vitamin C. By eating regularly, you can ensure your daily vitamin C needs will be met.

In addition to enhancing the body's immune, vitamin C also acts against cell damage. Various chronic diseases such as stroke or heart very potentially cause damage to the body's cells. With the consumption of sprouts on a regular basis, you can minimize the damage to the cell.

Overcoming anemia
Water spinach is known to have a high mineral content. Mineral function keeps the liquid as well as electrolytes in the body. Several types of minerals such as phosphorus and iron are also useful for body health, more precisely to prevent and overcome the symptoms of anemia. Iron was able to increase the production of red blood cells that are important for transporting oxygen to the cells of the body.

Prevent dehydration
Did You Know? Water spinach consumption regularly also beneficial to prevent dehydration. This is due to the presence of the mineral content in the water spinach in the form of sodium and potassium which serves to keep the fluids and electrolytes the body.

Prevent liver damage
Since hundreds of years ago, kale is believed able to prevent liver damage. The news was not a mere figment of the thumb because it has been proven in the journal Molecules ". Ipomoea Aquatica has a compound that is able to protect the liver from injuries, damage, and inflammation. Kangkung also increases the production of enzymes for detoxifying the liver process toxins from the womb.

Prevent diabetes
In the year 2013, there is a study that involves water spinach. In such research, it was discovered that Cress was able to prevent the onset of diabetes in pregnant women. This is due to antioxidant compounds contained in vegetable sprouts. The compound helps ward off oxidation that causes diabetes in pregnant women.

Prevent inflammation
A study done years 2010 reveals the fact that Ipomoea Aquatica has efficacy to prevent inflammation characterized by swelling and pain. Kangkung was able to fight the inflammation caused by Bacillus subtilis and staphylococcus aureus which caused the poisoning.

Healthy eyes
Ipomoea aquatica is a green vegetable rich in vitamin a. Because the content, sprouts are very good for eye health. Vitamin A is able to protect the lining of the cornea of the eye and thus prevent it from bacterial and viral infections. This vitamin is also able to prevent dry eye due to increasing production of liquid eyes.

Amazing, isn't it? Vegetables that might be considered trivial by a lot of people turned out to have so many benefits for your health. To get the benefits, make sure you turn it in the right way. Clean the vegetables and not cooked too long because it will eliminate his nutritional content.

The Danger Of Water Spinach
Basically, Kale is not a type of vegetables that are harmful to health. It's just, how improper processing, as well as excessive consumption, could potentially transform properties into a disaster. Instead of getting the benefits, you may have felt otherwise.

Anything exaggeration is not good. It's what you should look for when eating sprouts. Although it has myriad benefits for health, these veggies also keep the danger if you don't pay attention to how the processing or serving of consumption. In a discussion of the benefits and dangers of sprouts, you can find a variety of dangers of sprouts as follows:

Bacteria or animal left behind
Many people who consume sprouts without going through the process of processing or as fresh vegetables. But this way is not recommended, especially if the sprouts are not washed properly. Eating raw sprouts, especially Kale, water has a very high potential for contaminated egg leech or other small animals.

In addition, bacteria that are present in sprouts are also very likely to be ingested. This is because the water Cress-planting environment tends to be dirty. If it is not cleaned thoroughly, it is not impossible You thus potentially developing.

Uric acid
Water spinach is known to have a high enough purine content. Substances that can make things worse pain sufferers of gout. Therefore, you who have a history of uric acid needs to be careful when consuming vegetables on this one. Although you do not have a history of gout before, excessive consumption can thus cause uric acid ...

You may have already heard the often issue that consumes sprouts can cause drowsiness. The issue turned out to be true it is. This is due to the potassium content of sprouts have substance in quantities high enough. The substances potassium give impact on the nerves of the head so as to make you feel sleepy.

Eating sprouts is excessive it turns out that potentially cause allergies. Ipomoea Aquatica has a magnesium content so that it can potentially trigger the onset of allergy in some people. These allergies are characterized by itchiness, dizziness, until the red rash on the skin.

Be careful when consuming water spinach. Eat the sprouts cooked with the leaves intact condition could potentially cause choking. This is due to the texture of the leaves that tend to clay so it's not easily crushed. Better if you cut the leaves in order not too long so that it is easy to eat. After knowing the benefits and dangers of sprouts, you would certainly be wiser in eating sprouts. Be sure to wash vegetables with truly clean and offer them first before consuming. You should also pay attention to portions to prevent excessive consumption of sprouts. That way, you can get benefits and prevent harm.

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