This is the Benefits of ginger for healthy

Benefits of Ginger – Ginger called latin Zingiber officinale Rhizome is a plant which includes appointment-findings and commonly used as spices or medicinal ingredients.  The rhizome or a finger-shaped ginger rizoma bulging in the middle sections, ginger also has a slightly spicy flavor as it contains a ketone compound called zingeron.

Benefits Of Ginger

In the market there are three kinds of ginger variety is very popular and often make the food or drug that is an elephant or Rhino Ginger Ginger is Ginger in the form of large and it was not too spicy. The meat of the Rhizome is yellow to white. Ginger elephant the most sought after in the international markets.

Ginger Rhizome are sized yellow with yellow color. The taste and aroma is sharp enough so that it is often used as a condiment dishes, mainly for local consumption. Red ginger Rhizome has the least with red skin, fibers are larger than regular ginger. A high content of essential oils and flavors of spicy red ginger makes most often used as a base material of pharmaceutical, herbal or traditional medicine.
The benefits and Efficacy of ginger for the body's health

1. Warm the Body
The ginger plant has been cleaned often in popular beverages like bandrek, long, and wedang ginger. The drink was able to give a sense of warmth to the body, especially when the weather is cold at night.

2. Abdominal bloating
Ginger extract is effective for those who often experience flatulence and pain due to cold. With warm ginger juice drink the pain and bloating can be overcome pain quickly.

3. blood sugar Control for diabetics
Health experts in a variety of hospital when found patients suffering from diabetes then it is highly recommended to his patients to consume ginger drink every morning on a regular basis because it would be able to as controller levels blood sugar.

4. Overcoming respiratory problems
The most common respiratory problem suffered by many people is the coughs and colds. Ginger is a natural expectorant type include the function in relief, in a way the respiratory system dissociating and removing phlegm or sputum which can then easily get out and restore the respiratory system.

5. Address the Bruises and the Rheumatic
Content in ginger oil provide anti-inflammatory, so it can be used to relieve pain naturally due to the collision and bruises. In addition, the efficacy of ginger with anti-inflammatory content also can reduce pain in arthritic symptoms of the disease.

6. Launch the blood circulation
Benefits of ginger to launch the blood circulation. Gingerol in ginger are anticoagulants that will prevent the occurrence of blood clotting. Thus the main cause of stroke and heart attack can be resolved, namely by preventing the blockage in the blood vessels.

7. Help reduce migraine
A study shows ginger can stop the prostaglandin, prostaglandin which is one of the factors the causes of headaches. Thus, Ginger is able to reduce migraine or headache.

8. Lose weight
By consuming ginger can lose weight and maintain the health of the body metabolism. because it dilates the blood vessels function ginger into the hot body and has the calories a bit, so do not contribute to increasing weight.

9. Prevent belly
Nutritious gingerbread launch metabolism and digestion. The existence of an increased metabolism will have an impact on the body so as to accelerate the burning of calories and flatten a protruding stomach.

10. Troubleshooting Ginger Hair
Benefits of ginger are also effective for treating hair loss problem. The fresh ginger extract containing vitamins, zinc, and phosphorus make hair stronger. In addition, if you have your hair brittle and dry, with routine consume ginger can help you regain the sheen to the hair.

11. Treat a toothache
Ginger content is antifungal and antibacterial, can treat gum pain and toothache by way of drinking the beverage ginger juice on a regular basis.

12. To prevent an irregular menstrual cycle
Other benefits of ginger root to maintain the regularity of the menstrual cycle for women. China, ginger together with brown sugar in tea was often consumed to relieve cramping at the time of the coming months.

14. As an acne remedy
A study conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Ginger helps in preventing the onset of acne on the skin of the face is recommended to consume ginger a maximum of 4 grams/day. Because if it is too much in consuming ginger can cause side effects such as irritation, mules, and diarrhea.

15. Make a mighty body
Based on a study that can be summed up by consuming ginger regularly can help reduce the pain that occurs in the muscle that is caused due to excessive physical weight training. In addition, the content of which is ginger, surely effective muscle building on parts of the body such as muscles of the arm.

16. Overcoming morning sickness
Morning sickness can be alleviated by consuming ginger drink concoctions. The Ginger is effective in treating nausea, flatulence and want to throw up in the morning, including in women who are pregnant.

17. the Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
Ginger extract is also beneficial in people with arthritis and osteoarthritis. Content on Ginger is believed to inhibit COX, where COX is one of the chemicals responsible bodies about the onset of inflammation.

18. Treat snake bites
How to use ginger to treat wounds former snake bites is by mashing the rhizome/Rizoma and given a little bit of salt, and then paste it on a poisonous snake bites scars and is only used as first aid, for further handling sufferers should be immediately taken to hospital.

19. Lower Cholesterol
A study has shown by consuming ginger regularly can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and also the liver. Content on ginger may stimulate the release of the hormone adrenaline, which in turn can facilitate the flow of blood circulation. In addition, the content of gingerol contained in ginger also has the effect of anticoagulant that is capable of preventing the occurrence of blood clotting.

20. To prevent the growth of cancer
There is a University in the United States preaching that regular consumption of food or beverage made of ginger can prevent cancer of the colorectal (large intestine).

Other Benefits Of Ginger:
1. As a remedy drunken trip
2. Are anti-allergy
3. Ward off free radicals
4. Clean the dirt in the body
5. Pain-Reliever
6. Pain Relief and joint stiffness
7. Improve immune system
8. Lower blood pressure
9. As medicine compress to lower body temperature.
10. Eliminate the itching in the throat.

by knowing all the benefits and efficacy of ginger above, you better use the ginger plant as an ingredient of traditional medicine on chemical drugs consume very clear disadvantage due to the side effects caused. Hopefully, this article benefits of ginger can be beneficial to you.

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