6 How to keep an ear to stay healthy

the ear is part of the body that is urgent because the ear is one of the five senses to five, of all the activities we are never apart from the ear. The cause of the disorder hearing is Earwax, injury, tumors, the entry of foreign objects in the ear, genetic factors, birth defects, infections, exposure to loud sounds, the side effects of certain medications and more. If not handled properly will result in the loss of hearing permanently. Therefore it is important to maintain the health of the ear.

Ways to maintain the health of the ear

1. avoid noisy environments, such as karaoke and others. Due to the often heard a noise can make you deaf, if you work in a noisy place then please use the protective devices of the ear.

2. avoid self-treatment if ear pain or buzz, better consult with your ENT will check the health of your ears. No matter what happens in your ear doctors will give advice on maintaining healthy ears.

3. Wash the ears regularly with a cotton bud, don't use too strong push cotton bud into the ear while he was cleaning it. Because Clean ears by pushing or entered too deeply into the cotton ear parts instead will lay out the dirt, but instead will push dirt further into the entrance of the ear. Avoid the tools that can force Earwax got into a rut of the ear because it can cause injury and hearing loss.

4. No good for health if ear always listening to favorite songs with the sound of large or small using earphones, it can also make health your ear is reduced from the normal range of hearing. You should hear your favorite songs without using earphones, it would better let alone others around you can hear and enjoy Your songs together.

5. Zinc and folic acid can not only help maintain the health of the body but is also good for maintaining healthy ears. Reduce the consumption of sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, salt, and artificial sweeteners.

6. Keep Your Ears So That Stay Dry
Excess moisture in the ears can cause the bacteria to get into the ear canal. This situation is unconscious can trigger the infection and irritation in the ear. Therefore, always keep your ear in order to keep his condition remains dry. If you are a hobby to swim, we recommend that you use earplugs to prevent the entry of water into the ear.

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