7 How to maintain the health of our eyes

The Importance Of Eye Health
Eye care is very necessary. How to maintain eye health must be understood and practised by any good people who have eye problems or simply caring for the health of the eyes.

Of the multitude of activities, we use always the eyes. Hence the need for special treatment. A lot of how to care for the eyes as well. But the most important is to make our eyes for a moment take a break from the routine. Break here does not mean that when we are asleep.

Let us imagine, any time we work long hours in front of the computer, or watching television, reading books, and myriad other activities. We are not aware of how difficult our eyes have worked.

The eye is the most important part of the five senses. Although you are quite a lot of time not to watch television, do not read the book or don't linger in front of the computer is still our eyes need rest.

How To Maintain Eye Health
The following are the various efforts of maintaining eye health to the healthy and not aggravating the vision of someone who is already experiencing low vision.

1. Caring for the eye by avoiding too close on the object
How to maintain the health of the first eye is never too close when watching television, playing games or reading books. Watch tv widescreen are more fun, but it's not healthy, especially for the eyes of children. The children often watch tv too close, her eyes very risky experience minus when children grow up. Safe distance to watch tv about 2 meters for tv size 14 inches. For more screen width automatic distance is farther.

We recommend that you use a small screen tv entertainment for the family. This applies also when playing games, PlayStation or the other. So too with the habit of reading, do not position too close, it can make the eyes become strained and tired. Use sufficient lighting while reading, and should not lay down when reading.

2. How to take care of the eye well is reducing the use of gadgets
Never too old to use a computer, television or play the game. If your work is indeed using the computer all day, try a regular rest away from the computer screen, e.g. every 30 minutes or an hour, or take a short relax for 5 or 10 minutes. In order that the eye is not dry, frequently flashing and occasionally divert the eyes out of the room.

How to take care of the eye can use monitors LCD (liquid crystal display) on your computer, the use of LCD screens tend to be more comfortable and not quickly tired for the eye than if using the monitor CRT (cathode ray tube). A high refresh rate settings on your monitor.

Watch tv for too long can make eyes tense and tired, in addition to radiation emitted from a tv screen can be bad for the eyes. Children who are accustomed to watching tv and main console game overuse tends to be greater at risk of experiencing eye minus.

3. Avoid rubbing eyes with rough
Do not rub the eyes roughly and exaggeration can maintain the health of your eyes. When your eyes feel itchy or entry of foreign matter, automatically you will be rubbed or touch it. Do this carefully, don't be too harsh and excessive.

4. Wear goggles and dust repellent
When you play outdoors, for example on the highway or in the factory area, preferably using eye protection such as goggles and a glassy helmet. Avoid dust getting into the eyes because it can make the eyes become the infection and make the eyes are having eyesight trouble.

Using glasses not just for style, but is beneficial for eye health with warding off ultraviolet light (UV). The UV light is one of the main causes of hardening of the lens, cataract and decreased vision due to disturbances in the center of the retina.

The use of glasses with dark lenses can filter out UV rays up to 100 percent while outdoors. If there are no glasses, can also by using the CAP to reduce exposure to UV rays.

5. Eat green vegetables
Do eye care and experience is eating vegetables that have the older green leaves like spinach, broccoli or other vegetables contain lutein and zeaxanthin, namely two types of carotenoids known can reduce the risk of the development of cataracts as well as decreased vision due to disturbances in the center of the retina. Try to consume two servings a day, for example, one serving of spinach for lunch and a serving of broccoli at dinner.

6. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids
Tips for maintaining eye health can also consume foods containing omega-3. Evidence suggests that omega-3 fatty acids from fish such as salmon, halibut, and tuna can protect waterways, protecting the lens, to minimize dry eye and prevent cataracts. 2-3 servings a week of fish consumption and reducing red meat, because it allegedly could increase the risk of eye disorders in old age.

7. Taking a multivitamin for eye care
Next eye care tips with regard to taking multivitamins. If it is necessary, at this time many useful supplements are also available for maintaining eye health. The National Eye Institute showed that the antioxidant vitamins C and E, vitamin B6 and B12, beta carotene and minerals copper and zinc can slow the progression of vision due to a decrease in disturbances in the center of the retina and cataracts.

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