7 ways of maintaining healthy teeth and gums easily

The health of teeth and gums are often not treated or even ignored by many people. If left unchecked, this will cause damage to teeth, gums misbehaving, and trigger the emergence of dangerous diseases. Therefore, know what kind of a way of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Some people are reluctant to perform dental treatment and gums because it is considered tricky. Finally, they neglect and make teeth be yellowed, liming, and ultimately porous.

How to maintain the health of teeth and gums
Maintaining healthy teeth and gums should be done every day. These conditions make people so lazy to do it. When in the care of the mouth and the organs in it is not difficult. Enough to do some of the things below.

Brush your teeth regularly
How to maintain the health of teeth and gums which is rubbed on a regular basis.
You should be brushing my teeth regularly every day at least twice. While rubbing your teeth also have to do it right so that all parts of the tooth can be cleaned.
Although teeth cleaning can be done every day, you should not do it constantly and too strong. Parts of the teeth and gums have a sensitive area with friction. If you do it too strong. That occurs in the mouth is large and also wound bleeding.

Do teeth cleaning
Perhaps we have been routinely brushing my teeth every day, but the rest of the food such as vegetables or meat that is in between the teeth will be difficult to clean. The impact that food will rot in the teeth and causes considerable annoyances such as tooth decay to hollow.

Buy dental floss or thin strap that is used to clean between the teeth. After you brush your teeth with a clean, stood up in front of a mirror to see the condition of the teeth. If there is dirt in between the teeth, immediately use dental floss to create him.

Use of fluoride
If you want to clean your teeth is recommended using fluoride.
Why be with an active ingredient? Please be aware that fluoride can protect the surface of the teeth from the attack of bacteria and tooth decay. That's why toothpaste that we often use always contain fluoride with the recommended dose.

Although fluoride is beneficial for the body, you are advised not to overuse of toothpaste, let alone until the overload. If the mouth to excess fluoride, you'll feel the SOAP in it. These conditions will continue to happen and make you uncomfortable.

Don't smoke anymore
If you want to be healthy and not experiencing interference on gear, stop smoking. Do not perform this activity due to smoking will make areas of the mouth so hot and lots of free radicals who participated in. .. In addition, smoking also changes the color of teeth so yellow or somewhat blackish.

Visit the dentist regularly
Not all dental problems can be overcome by brushing my teeth or using dental floss.
The problem that already appears like there's a setting or the spots must be cleaned by means of coming to the doctor. You can't clean it myself because it bumps into the tools and problem also may not notice the contents of the mouth.
Every few months or when you feel there is a problem in the mouth, coming soon to a dentist. Find out what happened and fix immediately if the disorder appears.

Use the occasional gargle fluid
After using dental floss and gargle, gargle fluid can you use to clean up the grime in the mouth.
If you feel the need to use liquid gargle, use. If they don't need it, this way only optional only. Need to be a concern as well that the liquid gargle is not recommended for use on an ongoing basis.

Limit sugary foods and heat
Limit the consumption of foods that are too sweet could be one way of caring for teeth and gums easily.
The sweet food will make teeth be more acid and make it easy to happen porous and appeared detrimental bacteria. This will be more annoying if you have cavities.
After consuming foods that are sweet, immediately gargle or brushing my teeth. By doing so the natural condition of the mouth will be back again. Children who tend to like sweet foods are also advised to frequently clean the mouth so that it is not easy porous due to often eat sweets.

Eat the heat should also be reduced. The hot food will make your teeth becoming sensitive and also damaged. If you want to eat the food, it's good that is not too hot. Let sit a few moments in the past in order to become warmer recently eaten.

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