8 benefits of banana for men

To enhance the vitality, sometimes men rely more on drugs made from chemicals. But with a simple fruit such as bananas, can you make the vitality in a bed is much higher than before.
For most men, the banana may be regarded as cheap fruit and less attractive. Sometimes the guy too many even do not like to eat this one.

If you are one of them, begin to consume a banana fruit because fruit has lots of benefits for the body and reproductive health such as increasing the passion in an intimate relationship.

Well, let alone the benefits of banana to the vitality of the man? Read more reviews of the following:

1. Increase the quantity of sperm
If you've long been married and yet also had offspring, then there is no harm for eating a banana as a snack daily

With eating bananas regularly, you can increase fertility. Deposits of zink on bananas was able to stimulate the production of sperm cells.

2. Prevent muscle cramps while Fuck
Muscle cramps do not only occur when exercising alone. But the muscle cramps can also occur when screwing together the couple. Well, this yellow fruit can prevent muscle cramps while you fuck the tablets.

Potassium content in bananas can launch the blood circulation in the body, especially the penis. When your blood circulating smoothly, an intimate relationship with his wife will go smoothly and lasts longer.
3. Overcoming erectile dysfunction
Many men often have the problem of erectile dysfunction, and eventually led to a sense of confidence as well as an inconvenience when sex with a partner.

But quietly, one of the benefits of bananas for the reproduction of the men was able to overcome erectile dysfunction. Content in bananas can boost testosterone production thus helping you overcome erectile dysfunction. 

4. increase Sexual Stamina
Banana fruit contains the enzyme bromelain which is capable of making a man's sexual stamina so increased. The enzyme is a source of B vitamins that increase the energy in the body when sexual intercourse.

Therefore, when you want to fuck it is advisable to consume the bananas beforehand because it can increase the oxygen flow so that the performance of sexual intercourse with his wife while being strong.
5. increase in sexual desire
When making love, certainly You want to have a high sexual desire on both sides not? But what if the passion of making love men party to decline?

This is a problem that often occurs in the sexual life of households. For those of you who have problems like this, try eating a banana as a snack daily to enhance Your lovemaking passion.

6. Cure Oligospermia
Benefits of banana for the reproduction of other men i.e. heal oligospermia. Own Oligospermia is a situation where the guy has a number of sperm cells away from the normal limit.

This greatly interferes with the fertility of men because it would be very difficult to produce offspring. If you are in this condition, an expert usually will suggest consuming more bananas.

7. Maintain prostate health
The prostate is one of the organs which belonged to a man. The organ is very important for men because that's where the process of reproduction can occur.

Therefore, maintaining prostate health is also very important. One with multiple the consumption of bananas containing magnesium and manganese as well.

8. Improve sexual desire
In the fuck along the desired course, couples are a high sexual desire from both sides. But what if a man's sexual desire is very less? This is a problem. For men who have a complaint like this, it is recommended to consume foods that are high in vitamin B such as bananas. Because these vitamins can help improve sexual desire.

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