Pomegranate benefits for male virility

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a plant fruit that can grow up to 5 – 8 m Plant is expected to come from Iran, but it has long been grown in the Mediterranean area. The Moorish gave the name of one of the ancient city of Granada in Spain, based on the name of this fruit. This plant is also widely planted in areas of southern China and Southeast Asia.

Pomegranates come from the Middle East, spread out in the area of subtropic, from the tropics to the lowlands to below 1,000 m above sea level. The plant prefers loose soil that is not submerged in water, with groundwater that is not in. Pomegranates are often grown in gardens as ornamental plants, medicinal plants, or because the fruit is edible.

The shape of the tree is an Evergreen shrub or small tree with a height of 2-5 m Rod, twig octagonal Woody, branching a lot, weak, spiked on the armpit leaves, Brown when young, green and dirty after old. A single leaf, short-stemmed, it is located in a group. the leaf shape is oblong to the base of the taper, the tip blunt, flat edge, shiny surface, length 1 – 9 cm, a width of 0.5 – 2.5 cm, color is green.

A single short-stemmed flower came out at the end of a twig or on top of the leaf axil. Usually, there are one to five flowers, colors are red, white, or purple. Flowering throughout the year. its shape is spherical with a diameter of 5 – 12 cm, the color of his skin variety, such as green, white and purplish, reddish, or blackish purple. Sometimes, there are splotches of colored stands out rather older. The seeds are numerous, small, rounded shape, hard, arranged in irregular, the color red, pink, or white.

Pomegranates are not too well-known as a fruit consumption in Indonesia. The fruit is more widely used for juice or for traditional medicine alone. Although it is rarely consumed, red pomegranates or pomegranate thus has lots of benefits for the health of men.

Eating pomegranates on a regular basis in the form of fruit or mixed with food will make the body healthy so the man. In addition, the possibility of increased male sexual lives is also getting bigger. Following a full review of the health benefits of pomegranates for men.

Increase libido with ease

From research conducted at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, scientists found the fact if the pomegranate fruit is a natural and safe aphrodisiac. Eating pomegranates in a certain amount can increase sexual excitement of men quickly.

From the study also found the fact if consuming one glass of Pomegranate juice everyday greetings 15 days can lead to men experiencing a rise in testosterone. As we understand it all, testosterone is one of the triggers of the rising of the libido in men and increases his sexual life. If this declining sex hormone levels in men will also decrease.

Increases sperm quality

From a study published in the Journal Clinical Nutrition year 2008 finding of fact if men who drank Pomegranate juice every day have a good sperm quality. Sperm quality is meant here is the amount of sperm that exist per milliliter semen motility or movement.

Men who consume the pomegranate has a much healthier sperm than men who do not consume the Pomegranate juice. In addition to improving the quality of the sperm produced by a man, passionate sex men also increased so that the frequency and quality of sex can increase significantly.

Overcome Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a tricky problem in men. Experiencing this disorder can make a man so uncomfortable with his sexual life. They can be frustrating so don't want to do it again. Sex will run hampered so chances of conception are also increasingly difficult to happen.

Impotence can be caused by a psychic and physical condition. The psychic disorder can be addressed with counseling and therapy. While it's physical condition can be overcome by treatment and also consume the pomegranate as a medicinal herb that has taste delights.

From research conducted in 2007, prompting a man who routinely consumes pomegranate in the form as it is for 4 weeks has increased the quality of sex. So better erections so that man so much confident.

Lowering the risk of prostate cancer

As time goes by and the aging men, the risk of developing the disorder of the prostate gets bigger. This organ so swells and cause higher cancer risk. If men can not overcome this condition, it is likely carcinogenic cells grow and cause cancer.

One way to lower the risk of developing prostate cancer is to consume pomegranate in whatever form. You can make it into juice or eat it with vegetable and fruit salad.

Launched blood flow

A problem that often makes men so hard fuck is not blood flow smoothly and stress. Eating pomegranates is routine will cause blood flow so smoothly because this fruit contains nitric compounds. In addition, the levels of stress in the body is decreasing slowly. So the reviews about five benefits of pomegranates for healthy sex and reproduction of men. Hopefully, the reviews above you can use the reference to live healthier every day. 

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