The benefit of date fruit juice

The fruit of the date palm is a fruit that also favored Indonesia society, especially when in the month of Ramadan. Very suitable for fast because benefits dates are good for the body after almost a whole day without eating and drinking. In addition to the fruit, dates can also be enjoyed as a fruit juice. Palm juice is juice drink dates containing fruit juice benefits dates.

In Indonesia, alone Palm trees cannot grow naturally but can be cultivated with special treatment. If it used to be the fruit of the date palm must sign indirectly from the country of origin i.e., Saudi Arabia. As a result, sometimes dates are there in Indonesia less fresh and already started to lose its character since. For that, we can consume Palm pollen to stick can get benefits and intercession Palm juice. This is because the benefits of dates obtained are very good for the health of the body.
The following explanation and more details about the benefits of juice dates

1. Cure the disease dengue fever
The disease is indeed often plagued the people of Indonesia in particular children. It could even lead to death. To prevent or cure a disease caused by mosquitoes, could with consuming cider dates because it contains fructose and glucose.

2. Good for women who Conceive
For women who are pregnant, by consuming cider dates can help in the development of the fetus. Besides, it can also stabilize the blood for women who are pregnant because it contains the hormone oxytocin.

3. Improve Stamina Man Adult
This is proven because of the excellent Palm juice is consumed the time of breaking the fast because it restores the stamina, after a day of fasting without eating and drinking well. But especially for men, it turns out that sari dates also very useful to keep your stamina and virility/might. Based on the last study, dates have nearly the same content with honey which is known to have a myriad of benefits that are good for the body. It is not so surprising if the fruit of the date palm is one of the fruits of honored by the Muslims.

3. Serve as Antioxidants
Sari dates can also serve as antioxidants because it contains polyphenols that can protect the body from various disorders.

4. Maintain eye health
Sari dates can also help maintain eye health because it contains vitamin A which is good to prevent eye disorders and minus the other.

With cider consumed dates, we can keep the health due to extract of the fruit of the date palm makes the health of the body stay awake, and can reduce the risk of diabetes because of the sweet taste in dates is natural.

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