6 Benefits of Belimbing Wuluh for health

The Belimbing Wuluh
Belimbing Wuluh has a Latin name Averrhoa Bilimbi. This plant belongs to the genus Averrhoa and family Oxalidaceae. Internationally, the Belimbing Wuluh is known as Bilimbi. Belimbing Wuluh does have a kinship with starfruit.

Fruit belimbing Wuluh found in southeast Asia region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Today, belimbing Wuluh has cultivated in tropical areas. In various countries, belimbing Wuluh is known by other names such as Kamias, Belimbing Asam, Blimbin, Birambi, Bilincha, Mimbro, Tirigur, Vinagrillo, cucumber tree, and others.

1. Overcoming Diabetes

For those of you who suffer from diabetes, you can use Belimbing Wuluh. Belimbing Wuluh can control your blood sugar levels. Benefits of Belimbing Wuluh can also lower blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar levels gradually can become normal again with the use of belimbing Wuluh. Consume fruit juice of belimbing wuluh regularly. In addition, you can also consume in the belimbing wuluh that has been boiled.

2. Relieves cough and cold
If you cough then adds Belimbing wuluh fruit extract to cough medicine syrup that you want to drink. The content in Belimbing Wuluh can relieve cough and cold that you are experiencing. In addition, the sour taste in belimbing Wuluh can make your cough medication syrup feel more refreshing.

3. Relieves fever and flu
The weather that does not support often makes the body easily attacked by fever and flu. This will be more vulnerable when your body's endurance is weak. If you are exposed to fever use Starfruit Wuluh.

Benefits of belimbing Wuluh can be used to relieve fever and flu. The abundant content of vitamin C on belimbing Wuluh will boost your immune system. Squeeze fruit belimbing wuluh and consume water stew belimbing wuluh.

4. Overcoming Allergies
Not a few people suffer from hypersensitivity or allergies. Allergies that are owned by people are not the same. There are certain food allergies, certain medications, air or dust, and more.

This allergic disorder is due to problems with the immune system to certain substances. For those of you who are indicated to have a medical allergy then consume fruit juices belimbing wuluh regularly. This can reduce the allergies you have.

5. Treating infections caused by insect bites
Belimbing Wuluh also has the benefit to fight bacteria that go through insect bites. The content of substances contained in the stem and leaf belimbing wuluh is an antibiotic that can cope with germ infections caused by insect bites.

You can get the benefits of belimbing Wuluh this one by smoothing the leaves and stems of the tree belimbing Wuluh. Once smooth, mix with garlic until it becomes like a paste.

6. Overcoming High blood pressure
The benefits of Belimbing wuluh Others is to cope with high blood pressure or hypertension. A person who has blood pressure more than 140/90 mmHg continuously then can benefit from belimbing Wuluh.

The consumption of belimbing wuluh that has been boiled with the rest of boiling water. You can take it in the morning when the body has enough rest. Do it regularly until normal blood pressure returns.

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