How to open the Chakra ?

In our bodies, there are 7 main chakras, of which four are found on the upper part of the body to regulate our mental nature, and three are at the bottom of the body that functions as our instincts. The Chakras are as follows:
7. Violet Crown (Crown Chakra)
6. Indigo Brown (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra)
5. Bluethroat (throat chakra)
4. Green Heart (Heart Chakra)
3. Yellow Solar Prexus (navel Chakra)
2. Orange Sacral (Chakra Sex)
1. Red Base/Root Chakra (Chakra Base)

The Chakras make a great contribution to the human being. Human instincts will be incorporated with instincts, feelings, and thoughts. 
There are some of the chakras that walk just like we were born, there is also an over-active chakra there is even a closed chakra at all. If the chakras run unbalanced then the feeling of peace within us will not be accomplished properly.

It should be understood that if we open the Chakra, we do not have to try and make more active chakra that was previously less active. Once all the chakras are opened, only need to flatten, balancing energy.

7. Open the Chakra crown (Violet Chakra)
Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra at the top of the head is the most easily penetrated chakra of the light. This chakra is the main entrance of spiritual energy. A person who has evolved spiritually and the Crown Chakra has opened perfectly and will know many secrets of nature. The Crown Chakra provides energy and regulates most of the brain and pineal glands.
The Crown chakra is clean and the open will be golden yellow. Since the Crown Chakra also serves as a funnel that poured positive energies into the body, then regular exercises will give more positive spiritual energy throughout the body. After some time, the whole body will be coated with golden yellow light. It is very important to keep this chakra clean, so that spiritual energy can be received continuously by the whole body through the Crown chakra.
The opening of the Crown Chakra can be felt as mild pressure or pulse at the top of the head. When the Crown Chakra has opened larger, the perceived sensation will be the feeling of melting. The light that enters continuously in large quantities will push out the dirt and obstacles from the head. It can be felt the impurities are sucked out through the crown chakra.

When the Crown Chakra is open larger until it reaches the head, the astral journey can be done consciously more easily. After the Crown Chakra opens up this state of Samadhi in the new meditation can be achieved.
The other six main chakras have special symbols. However, the Crown chakra is usually not used as a special symbol. The Crown Chakra is regarded as the perfect chakra covering all other chakras. Thus, the symbol for the Crown chakra is the combination of the sixth symbol of the other chakra.
This chakra is associated with the spiritual, surrounding the wisdom of all beings and being one with the universe. If these chakras open prejudice disappear from you, become conscious of the world and will create self-relationships but if less active you tend not to have a spiritual sense and your mind becomes stiff. If overactive, you tend to intellectualize in a variety of things all the time, spirituality will be the first thing in your mind, and if it absolutely extreme circumstances you will probably ignore your needs (eating, drinking, Shelter, and others)
A. Seated Cross-legged
B. Place your hand under the stomach.
C. Allow the little fingers to point upwards and steer clear of yourself, touching each other and crossing the rest of the fingers with the lower left thumb of the right.
D. Concentrate on the Crown chakra, the front-top of the head (cantle)
E. The body should be completely relaxed, this meditation is the longest, take no less than 10 minutes.
Do not use the crown of meditation chakra if the Root chakra is not strong or open before meditation for Crown Chakra you must have a strong foundation-strong.

6. Open the third Ajna/eye chakra (Blue Chakra)
The Ajna Chakra
The Ajna chakra is often referred to as the third eye chakra located between the eyebrows, therefore it is also often referred to as the brow chakra. This chakra provides energy to both the eyes, nose and pituitary glands. The usual Ajna chakra is also referred to as the third eye because this chakra provides clairvoyance (for rougher energy) in other words, the Ajna Chakra also serves as an etheric eye. At the root of this chakra, there is the last main vertex, Rudra. In addition to clairvoyance, this chakra is also the focal point of the attention and the regulator of the other chakras.

With the opening of the Rudra node and the third eye chakra, one will be able to see the more rugged etheric energy. A light bulb will appear in front of the Third Eye Chakra, where the light bulb serves as a protective and energy coordinator.

When two of our clairvoyants connect the three-eye chakra positively by the Karma rope, then the third eye chakra of each one will positively affect each other. The ability of clairvoyance will both grow rapidly due to mutual assistance at this etheric level. Both of them will also be able to understand each other easily. But when one or both has a dirty third eye chakra, communication difficulties between them will occur.
Clean-whether this third eye chakra is very influential in a marriage. When one of the pair has a dirty third eye chakra, it is quite likely to contaminate the third eye of his spouse and provide a lot of mental and emotional pressures. The difficult communication and lack of understanding between the two often lead to divorce.
The chakra with this color relates to the insight. When it is open, you will have very good clairvoyance, tend to dream of many things, but if it is less active, you will see others as you think, too relying on trust and you will feel guided at some time You. If over is active, you will tend to live in the imagination of the world all day. At more extreme levels, you can suffer from reverie even hallucinations.
A. Sit in a cross-legged
B. Place your hand in front of your chest.
C. Place the hands under your chest. The two thumbs touch each other pointing towards you. The middle finger touches straight and points away from you. The other fingers are bent and touched on two gutters over both fingers.
D. Concentrate on the Ajna chakra, positioning it slightly above the two eyebrows.
E. Try to stay relaxed at this time.

5. Open the throat chakra (light blue Chakra)
Throat Chakra
As the name suggests, this chakra lies in the throat. The throat chakra is associated with a light blue color. Physically, this chakra provides energy to the thyroid gland and parathyroid. This chakra is the center of higher Creation (creativity) and relations among human beings. A person with a clean throat chakra will have a deep understanding of the relationship between people and of course have a good relationship with his neighbor. Meanwhile, continuous guilt may contaminate or even clog the throat chakra.

When two people interact for example in a conversation, the throat chakra will both be connected by a regular etheric rope also called the Karma Strap. When one of the parties begins to dominate, the throat chakra will become darker (dirty) as well as if the two are trying to dominate each other, the throat chakra is both dirty. On the other, it can be seen the sharp energies emerge from the throat chakra and attack the other parties. Conversely, when someone is telling pleasant humor, the throat chakra will become brighter and brighter.

The ability to express themselves vocally is also influenced by this chakra. In order to be able to express the entire content well, the throat chakra and heart chakra must be well connected.

With the opening of the fifth chakra in the throat, a variety of Nanda or "smooth " sound starts to be heard. At first, the sounds are heard such as complete, buzzing or void. These sounds will sound continuously for several days to several months during the throat chakra is still in the cleansing phase.
After the throat chakra is clean, the voices of the other dimensions will be heard clearly. The voices heard were turned into complete and clear sentences.
This chakra relates to communication and self-expression. If open self-express becomes easier, and art is an easy way to express yourself, but if less active you tend not to talk too much and people will judge you as a shy person. If over is active, you will likely talk a lot so that it can annoy others, you also become a bad listener.
A. Sit your knee.
B. Put your fingers in the hands, without the thumbs, let the thumb tip touch each other gently on top by pulling them a bit.
C. Concentrate this chakra on your throat base.
D. Relax your body well and do it for 5 minutes, feel the clean feeling of yourself.

4. Open the Heart chakra (Green Chakra)
Heart Chakra
The heart chakra is located amid the chest and is associated with pink and green. Pink as a symbol of love and green as a symbol of healing.
This chakra is a very important chakra in the spiritual. Physically the heart chakra regulates the heart and thymus gland. This chakra is the center of all the subtle feelings, such as love, affection, etc. Spiritual, this chakra is the center of ability to be taller and fully loved.

Some spiritual teachers say that the most important chakra is the Crown chakra because the Crown chakra is the exit of the higher spiritual power. Some say that the most important chakra is actually the heart chakra. It is believed that the higher Self has a very great divine power after a high person in the heart chakra and the awareness and strength of the high personal can be obtained completely, then the person will reach Enlightenment spiritually.

The heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra are the chakras that greatly affect the ambition and love. These two chakras must be balanced so that one can develop their ambition in a way that is good and true in relation to others. The heart chakra is too large and the solar plexus chakra that is too small makes a person unambitious and dare not take decisive action when the action can hurt someone.
Conversely, if a large or solar plexus chakra than the heart chakra can affect a person to pursue ambitions without regard for the truth.

The modern education system in many cultures focuses on intellectual development. This kind of education affects the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, while the heart chakra is hardly affected at all, therefore it takes quite a lot of attention and exercises to develop the heart chakra.
The Heart Chakra (Green Heart) is a chakra related to caring, love, and compassion. If it is open, you will be friendly and full of compassion, a good relationship in friendship, but if less active you will tend to be cold and unfriendly. If overactive, you will be very loving (overprotecting) and the people who are around you will feel uncomfortable, and you will be judged a selfish person.
A. Sit with a cross-legged
B. Connect the index fingertip with the thumb to touch gently.
C. Then place your left hand on the left knee and right hand (b) at the bottom of the chest.
D. Concentrate on the Green Heart Chakra, the spine with the heart.
E. Try to stay relaxed at this time.

3. Open the navel chakra (yellow chakra)
Navel Chakra
Navel Chakra is very important in maintaining a person's vitality because in the navel chakra itself is produced a kind of synthetic prana. The navel chakra also controls and energizes the colon and small intestine. Cleanliness of this chakra is very necessary for family relationships and a sense of contentment. A dirty or clogged navel chakra causes a person to never be satisfied with what it possesses.

With the opening of the third Chakra, the etheric influences can be felt. Intuitially, it can be felt that a place is fun or not. Sometimes it can also be felt the presence of the etheric creatures even though it can not be seen directly.
The chakra with this color affects your confidence, especially once in the group. If it is open, you will feel in control in everything and you will have very good self-esteem, but if it is less active, you tend to be passive, worried and you will feel concern for yourself and you do not value yourself. If over is active, you will feel aggressive and arrogant.
A. The position of kneeling, with a straight back but relaxing.
B. Put your hands on the stomach, little under the heart.
C. Allow all fingers to join (tip of all fingers in touch) and all fingers pointing away from you. Both thumbs up each other and straighten the fingers.
D. Concentrate on the navel chakra, located on the spine, slightly above the navel.
E. Try to stay relaxed.
2. Open the sacral chakra (Orange Chakra)
Sex Chakra or Hara Chakra
The sex chakra is on the pelvic bones. The sex chakra is associated with an orange color and has 6 leaves. The sex chakra relates to the creation of rough or reproduction. The condition of this sex chakra directly affects a person's sexual activity.
The sex chakra is also closely related to the throat chakra which is responsible for the smoother creation i.e. creativity. Therefore, creative people (having an active throat chakra) usually have an active sex chakra as well. The sex chakra is also the center of purity of mind. When this chakra is clean, people have more positive thoughts.

Actually, everyone often travels astral during sleep, but, before the open sex Chakra, the astral journey cannot be remembered by the conscious mind. After the second chakra is open, then the astral journey can be remembered by the conscious mind. When the cleaning has run quite well, the astral journey is no longer remembered like a dream, but it can be experienced consciously. These people will often experience feelings of flying or drifting in various places. In these circumstances, the whole mind is still in a conscious state, even though the physical body is asleep.
The chakra with this color relates to feelings and sexuality. If it is open, the sacral chakra will have a feeling of free and flowing without any emotional feelings. You will be open to affinity and can be passionate. You also have no problem with sexuality. If it is less active, you tend to be emotional, not calm, and not open to anyone. If over is active, you will be sensitive and emotional all the time, or maybe you will also be very sexual.
A. The position of kneeling, with a straight back but relaxing.
B. Put both your hands on your lap, palms facing up with each other.
C. The left hand below, the palms touch the back of the right radius, and the two thumbs touch with each other gently.
D. Concentrate your mind on the sacred chakra (in the sacral bone, lower back).
E. Try to continue to relax, and think about how this chakra will affect your life.

1. Open the Root Chakra (Red Chakra)
Root Chakra
The base chakra is located at the base of the spine, i.e. at the lower end of the tail bone. The base chakra is associated with pink color and has 4 leaves. The basic chakra is the center of energy from the physical body, material life and desire to live. This chakra is the basis of human life in the physical world. The basic small chakra affects the activity and life desires of a person. A person whose small essence chakra tends to be lazier to do any activity. People who have a tendency to commit suicide usually have a very small base chakra, dirty or obstructed.
Every human being is deeply influenced by worldly aspects (material) and spiritual aspects. Just by balancing these two aspects, one can live in peace. The basic chakra as the center of the physical body and material life is the most important chakra for material life.
The basic chakra relates to a person's physical consciousness, a sense of comfort in many situations. If this chakra is opened, it will give a sense of balanced, logical, stable and sense of safety in itself. You feel present in what circumstances are happening now, you will trust others.
If this chakra is less active you will feel unwanted, feel scared and nervous, feel insecure but if this chakra is over active you will feel materialistic and greedy.
A. Use your body and raise awareness, do yoga, do light activities like walking, cleaning the home, this activity will give your body known in your consciousness, this will strengthen your chakra.
B. Do make your own grounding, you are connected to the ground beneath you. The way it stands upright and relaxed, put the legs as wide as your shoulder and cut your knees a little, the pelvis a little further and keep your body balanced so that your weight feels on the soles of your feet. Gently point your weight forward. Keep this position in a few minutes.
C. Once you have a self-grounding, sit down, and let the thumb end of the index finger touch gently.
D. Concentrate on the Root chakra, the location is perineum between the genitals and the anus.

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